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Tamika Jimbo is an artist from Shiga prefecture, Japan.

 She studied art education at Shiga University, Japan,

and researched linguistics and worked as language teacher at University of Oregon, the U.S.A.

Her work is based on energy of human beings, nature, sounds and aspect of everyday life including language (kotoba). 

Throughout her photographs and watercolor paintings,

she hopes that they will take you to find "the universal language" to converse with your heart. 

e x h i b i t i o n s 

Circles, Shiga, Japan 2019

Narrative Abstract Art vol.6 (Group Exhibit) Tokyo, Japan 2018

光-into the light, Kyoto, Japan 2017

breathe, Shiga, Japan 2016

through your hand, Oregon, U.S.A 2016

love lock, Le Pont, Tokyo, Japan 2015

Art Exhbit at Austin College, Texas, U.S.A  2013



​d e s i g n s

株式会社CUCURU( https://cucu-ru.com) 白無垢掛下デザイン 2018-2019

富宏染工会社 (https://iromori.com) 友禅染プロダクトデザイン(IROMORI) 2018-2019

i n t e r v i e w 



カタリズムCafe "滋賀で活躍するアーティスト"


March 2017





w o r k s h o p 

ハンタイム (https://huntimecycle.shopselect.net)
滋賀, August ​2019

「今」を「色」にする アートイベント
滋賀, August 2019

a bit more about her: 

Originally from shiga prefecture, Japan,

She spent a year studying education in Detroit, MI

as well as another year working as a language teacher in Sherman, TX. 

She moved to Eugene, OR started a graduate school with linguistics 

spent 3 years studying and working there. 

Currently back to Japan creating and teaching art in Uji, Kyoto.

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